Cookies Policy and GDPR


Cookies are small text files that are stored in user devices (“User”) during their visits to certain websites (“Websites”). This type of technology is widely used for website access and does not harm user devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Browsers present users with the possibility of declining the use of cookies and/or eliminating cookies that were already stored.

Cookies are important for the operation of several Websites and for access to different contents and allow to gain the perception of how the Website is being used by its Users and to facilitate the browsing, in order to ensure improved Website use experience.


Websites stores cookies used to improve User performance and experience, to the extent permitted by law.

Cookies stored in Websites are not used to store any personal or confidential information or browsing history in websites outside Websites.

Cookies stored in Websites do not identify Users, only the used device and allow to improve browsing and use experience, for instance, helping us in associating your device with your preferences or providing you with contents that we believe you may be interested in.


Cookies stored in Websites are of three types:

Session cookies: these cookies are needed for the proper operation of websites and register User activity without identifying them. These cookies expire as soon as you leave IMPRESA PUBLISHING WEBSITES.

Persistent cookies: these cookies are not essential to the operation of websites but they allow to identify Users whenever they access pages by optimising their browsing experiences. You will be given a unique identifier that identifies Users whenever they enter websites. Persistent cookies can be stored in computers until they are deleted by Users.

Tracking cookies: these cookies allow Users to be presented with advertising that are considered as matching their interests and tastes. For instance, if you are interested in papers about vehicles, you will most likely be presented with advertisement on services and goods concerning vehicles.

Other cookies or third-party cookies: are cookies that are usually installed by Third-Parties with permission from websites, allowing to remember that the User has already visited such Website.

Moreover, websites can also integrate pixel tags and web beacons that allow to perceive website, use made by Users. Pixel tags do not collect any personal data and are used, namely, for collecting information on popular destinations.


By proceeding with browsing in websites and unless you have deactivated cookies, you are giving your consent to the use of cookies, pursuant to this Cookies Policy.

If you partially or fully deactivate cookies, websites may not function property and your browsing experience can be considerably deteriorated.

Browsers allow you to see which cookies are stored in your devices and to deactivate or delete some or all cookies.

For more information about cookies, their use and how to manage your cookies preferences, please refer to the specific help pages of browsers or generic pages about this subject, such as: