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Origins of codfish

Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands or Canada? Discover the different origins of codfish and how to distinguish each one by reading this article.

How to preserve fish?

As fresh food, fish can deteriorate rapidly. In this article we share some tips on how to preserve fish correctly.

5 myths regarding fish consumption

There are several myths regarding fish consumption. To help you out, we unveil 5 myths related to fish intake here.

5 facts regarding fish consumption

Discover 5 facts that explain why we should include fish in our daily diet.

How to check the freshness of the fish

It is possible to check the freshness of the fish through some signs, such as the eye or skin colour. Discover 5 criteria to be able to assess fish correctly.

Frozen fish: 5 benefits

Frozen fish can be as good as (or better than!) fresh fish. Discover 5 benefits of frozen fish to human health.

How to choose frozen fish?

We share with you some important tips when it comes to buy frozen fish. Check them out and take good decisions.

The influence of seafood intake on cholesterol

Learn more about the relation between seafood intake and cholesterol levels. A guest column written by ana bravo, nutritionist.

Eat fish for your health!

Fish is an excellent protein source and contains the necessary nutrients for the proper development of children. Learn more about the importance of fish on child nutrition.