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How to choose frozen fish?

How to choose frozen fish?

Buying frozen fish at the supermarket is not always an easy task, especially for those who are not at ease with this subject. However, there are some easy and quick tips we can apply, so that you do not fail when choosing the right fish.

Discover below the aspects that should be checked in order to make the best possible choice when buying frozen fish.

4 key tips to buy fish that was correctly frozen:

1. Pay attention to the package

The condition of the package is one of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to choose the right fish. Fish must be in a hermetically sealed package to be in proper conditions. This is the only way to avoid contamination, deterioration or dehydration.

2. Be careful about the ice

The package should not contain any loose ice, which can indicate temperature variations from the packaging of the product until reaching the consumer. This can mean that fish might have lost some of its main properties and not be in the best conditions for consumption.

3. Check the glazing

The glazing is another aspect that should be checked to assess fish correctly. Fish should present the characteristic colour of the species it belongs to and be wrapped in a thin and homogeneous layer of ice. It is important to remind, however, that over-glazed fish should be avoided.

4. The colour matters

The colour is a key aspect in fish. Look at its ends: they should not be dry or present a yellowish colour. These characteristics may indicate dehydration signs and, in consequence, fish in bad conditions.

There are actually several aspects to consider when buying fish. However, you should use and abuse these tips when it comes to assess fish conditions, in order to buy products with quality and safety.