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How to check the freshness of the fish

How to check the freshness of the fish

How to know if the fish is fresh? Which signs indicate its freshness? Does the colour of the gills matter? These are some of the questions when it comes to choosing the right fish. To do so, it is important to know how to check the freshness of the fish through some signs, such as the eye or skin colour.

Check out 5 criteria to have in mind when assessing fish correctly.

How to check the freshness of the fish: 5 criteria to consider

1. Eyes

Fish eyes are a key factor to check its freshness. Fresh fish eyes should be convex and bright, as well as the cornea, which should be transparent and clear.

2. Gills

Gills are other relevant aspect to check the freshness of the fish. When raising fish gills, we should notice that they are bright red and free of mucus. Gills with a brownish colour may reveal some type of problem.

3. Odour

The odour is an easily detectable characteristic which immediately indicates how fresh the fish is. Fresh fish should smell like an ocean fresh breeze instead of having a strong fishy odour.

4. Skin

The skin should present a vivid pigmentation and bright aspect, and the scales should be tightly attached to the body.

5. Body

Other aspect to consider is the quality of the flesh. Fresh fish flesh should be firm and elastic. As days goes by, fish tends to lose elasticity and you should always avoid fish with soft and flabby flesh.

You can assess the freshness of the fish correctly through these signs and, therefore, take good and healthy decisions when it comes to choose the right fish.