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Frozen fish: 5 benefits

Frozen fish: 5 benefits

Did you know that frozen fish is a great option to add to your daily diet, with many benefits for your health? Frozen fish preserves all nutritional properties and, if the freezing process is carried out properly, it can be as good as (or better than) fresh fish!

Check out 5 benefits of frozen fish to human health.

Benefits of frozen fish:

1. Quality

A 2016 study, funded by the national fish and wildlife foundation, assessed the quality of fish, such as frozen and fresh codfish or salmon, and concluded that the cellular structure of frozen fish was three times bigger when compared with fresh fish.

2. Nutritional profile

Frozen fresh fish can properly preserve the quality of the product and be an excellent choice if the freezing process is carried out correctly. An efficient freezing process should take place as quickly as possible after fishing, in order to avoid the loss of freshness and the speeding-up of deterioration, and to keep fish nutritional properties.

3. Sustainability

Fish freezing allows small-scale fishermen to easily sell their products, creating less waste and reducing their carbon footprint. While fresh fish has to be carried by air to get in time to consumers, frozen fish can be transported by substantially less-polluting refrigerated trucks.

4. Seasonality

Fish should be captured according to its season. This is a key fishing practice, in order not to put at risk the continuity of the species and ensure a more sustainable product.

Therefore, we can conclude that frozen fish has less benefits than fresh fish is just a myth. Consuming frozen fish can be a very healthy and nutrient-rich food choice.