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5 facts regarding fish consumption

5 facts regarding fish consumption

Regular consumption of fish has several health benefits and helps to prevent several diseases. that is why you should not follow popular beliefs or behaviours and know the truth about fish consumption.

We share 5 facts regarding fish consumption below.

Fish consumption: 5 facts you must know

1. Frozen fish contributes to fight food waste

Frozen products have a longer period of validity than fresh products (18 months, in average), which allows a more rational management of meals. if the product is not used immediately after being purchased, it can be consumed afterwards avoiding food waste.

Since products are packed individually or often at a fixed weight, they allow a better dosage and you can pick only the right quantity to thaw.

2. Fish consumption can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases

The American Heart Association recommends the intake of fatty fish, such as mackerel, sardine or salmon, 2 to 3 times a week, due to its protective effect regarding cardiovascular diseases.

3. Fish is rich in potassium, phosphorus, iodine, and selenium

Fish typically has high levels of potassium, which is related to muscle contraction and heart function, phosphorus, crucial to energy and bone metabolism, iodine, which contributes to the normal thyroid function, and selenium, which has an antioxidant action in the human body.

4. Bivalves are a good ally for weight loss

Bivalves have low calories and fat content, and stand out for their high protein levels. They can be a good ally in the process of losing weight.

5. Fish can be low or high in fat

Fish can be classified in different groups, according to the fat content (per 100 g):

  • White fish (< 2%)
  • Low fat content (2-4%)
  • Average fat content (4-8%)
  • High fat content (> 8%)

Horse mackerel, hake and codfish belong to the group of white fish. In turn, fatty fish are, for instance, mackerel, sardine and salmon.

As we can see, fish offers us several health benefits. You have now good reasons to increase its intake.