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How to preserve fish?


Fresh fish is excellent as food, but must be preserved in the right way. To maintain the quality of the fish, i.e., the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the product, it is essential to follow some tips and advices throughout the preservation process.

We share 4 easy and useful tips to help you preserve fish in the best possible way, without damaging it.

4 tips on how to preserve fish

1. Keep it in the freezer

Fish should be kept in the freezer if you do not intend to eat it immediately after its purchase. This way, we preserve the main characteristics of the product. Before freezing fish, it is also important to remove the viscera, scale and wash it thoroughly.

2. Be careful with the package

The condition of the package is another aspect to consider when it comes to freezing fish. If the original package is damaged or lacks cleaning, it is recommended to transfer the product to appropriate freezer bags. Flatten the bag to get the air out before closing it and put a label on it, so that you can identify the product and its validity.

3. Do not refreeze

It is important to note that fresh fish must not be refrozen once defrosted. It is recommended to cook fish immediately after thawing to avoid deterioration.

4. Keep an eye on preservation temperature

Fish should always be kept at low temperature (approximately 0 degrees). However, it is important to always verify the recommended preservation temperature that is indicated on the label. At inappropriate temperatures, fish easily deteriorates.

When carefully preserved, fish keeps its original characteristics and is as healthy as fresh fish. The most important thing is doing the preservation in the right way to avoid deterioration.